30 Days to a whole new mind:  Meditation Challenge

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30 Days to a whole new mind: Meditation Challenge

Rather than a resolution, this new year I'm making a promise to put my mental health first and I hope it will inspire you to do the same.

I have a very active mind that is prone to anxiety and have suffered for many years from both anxiety and physical ailments including IBS. I have discovered that all of these issues have a root cause in stress which I find mind blowing!

Whilst I was off work on maternity leave and focused completely on navigating being a mother to my new son my anxiety significantly diminished and my tummy troubles seemed to have been cured which I assumed was thanks to pregnancy. However, it all came back when I went back to my 9-5 which proved to me that stress was wreaking havoc with my mind and body.

I have also learned that I am sensitive to stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and sugar (yep all the good things) and I have to be careful to have these in moderation to keep me balanced.

But, avoiding stimulants is only managing the symptom not the cause. The ONE thing I know is the best treatment is meditation and mindfulness. I have had periods where I've done daily meditation and have really enjoyed it and seen huge benefit but, for some reason I've struggled to stick with it.

Lately, my anxiety has been creeping back so this new year I am committing to taking care of me and dedicating 10 mins everyday to meditation starting with 30 days but with the intention of it becoming a daily practice for life.

I will document the process and my progress so I am accountable (key to having a chance at sucess) and also to show others in a similar situation that you don't have to be a guru, a yogi etc. anyone can benefit from this.

I hope you will join me or pass on your own experiences and words of wisdom. #newyearnewme

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