Crystal Point Faux Leather Lariat Necklace

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The perfect blend of choker and lariat style necklaces in one piece!

Featuring a choker with a delicate gold plated bar in the middle with long faux black leather strands capped off with your choice of clear quartz or amethyst gold electroplated crystal points.

It can be styled in many different ways with the gold bar making the sizing and style adjustable - it's like having multiple necklaces in one!

When the necklace is adjusted from the gold plated bar you can style it many ways including:
  • choker with super long 50cm lengths
  • choker with lengths double wrapped for shorter lengths
  • choker with lengths double wrapped and tied to hang as one lariat
  • pull the lengths completely tight leaving a small loop, manually wrap lengths around your neck and pass the points through the loops
  • same as the above style but pull the choker down for a longer length necklace
  • use as a head band!
A unique twist on this popular style.