About Us

we believe in magicWe believe in magic

The Whitelist woman is a glorious contradiction. We are:

- modern with an old soul

sophisticated yet carefree at heart

- fiery yet deeply nurturing

She has a soul that is as deep and rich as the ocean with love and light in her heart ... she believes there is as much magic on earth as there is in the stars.

We are on a quest to unite likeminded women and to help you find balance through meditation, gratitude, self-care and the healing properties of our crystal jewellery. 

Born from the desire for stylish jewellery with soul, The Whitelist is a collection of pieces centred around healing crystals which are equally beautiful and nurturing and boho chic statement pieces.

Join us on our magical journey xx

Who Are We?

The Whitelist was founded by former wedding stylist Elise after the birth of her first child when she found a deeper appreciation for statement jewellery and an even greater need to find balance and peace in her life.

During and after pregnancy it was either her clothes didn't fit, she could only find plain and boring clothes or, the clothes she loved were now too expensive to justify. Not wanting to lose her identity she dressed up her new wardrobe with statement jewellery to transform a basic yet practical outfit to boho chic simply with accessories.

Our Location

We are located by the ocean on the NSW South Coast and are available exclusively online.